About J29 Associates

J29 Associates is a strategic consulting firm that helps successful business leaders optimize outcomes. Under the dynamic leadership of Jackie Gonzalez, the firm excels in collaborating with you and your teams to generate high impact ideas, events, programs and initiatives designed to drive measurable results – results that have impact across the enterprise. We help companies find and create opportunities you may never have imagined were possible. We help you see and seize, recognize and realize, develop and deliver. From small ideas to large scale events, J29 Associates helps you identify new opportunities to meet your goals. As each facet of your organization operates with increasing alignment in support of the strategic goals of the business, you challenge the status quo. You move the organization from good to great.


Referred to as an Obsessive Optimizer, Jackie fills the half-empty glass. She helps her clients see opportunity, then seize it to maximize results.  Jackie has led teams, delighted clients, and terrorized competitors for over 20 years. With “up through the ranks” C- level experience in sales, marketing, business development, brand management, and organizational development; she’s proven successful in providing solutions to businesses of all sizes, including Allergan, American Express, ASAE, Galderma, the Masimo Foundation, Mass Device, and Thermi.

Jackie formed J29 to create pathways for possibilities, and empower clients to translate corporate and individual goals to actionable results. She orchestrates head-on collisions between right- and left-brainers at every opportunity. Mostly, she’s committed to providing a level of superior service to all stakeholders, from internal teams to clients’ clients – including the ones they have yet to meet.

Born and bred in Boston, Jackie lives in Texas and airport clubs across the country.


Culture is an organization’s expression of itself. It’s the living, breathing DNA that delivers on the brand promise – or not. Corporate culture is inspired from the top down, built from the ground up, and expressed from the inside out. Intentionally or not, the CEO modulates the culture of the organization. When the mission and vision exist as statements in the annual report or platitudes that are framed and hung in the lobby, they’re just that: Words. When those core tenets are purposefully aligned throughout the organization, from the boardroom to the loading dock, it shows in performance. And in business, performance is everything. In the C-suite, the company looks to you to set the bar. What’s your vision for the company and why? Is it shared by all stakeholders? Is it worthy of people’s time, attention, and dedication? Are you and your teams “living the brand”? If you’re not in the C-suite, act like you are. The same principles of leadership apply whether you’re managing a team of ten or ten thousand. Either way, you can create a culture that builds the brand, draws and retains top talent, and forms the Kevlar-coated competitive edge that drives results.

Don’t just survive. Thrive!


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