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Optimize resources so that every person and every process is working at peak effectiveness toward common goals. Whether you’re assuming a new role, building the bench, or breathing new life into an existing team, this practical guide will help you deliver a consistent ROI to your stakeholders while developing an environment of personal satisfaction and professional reward.


  • Unlock the fullest potential of your organization.
  • Create a culture of spectacular performance.
  • Create a culture that’s intentional, not accidental.
  • Articulate your brand promise.
  • Share your vision so that it inspires confident action toward common goals.
  • Build alliances with boards, employees, shareholders, clients, and suppliers.
  • Hire the right person for the right job at the right time.
  • Develop teams to deliver the performance you want and the results you need.
  • Develop bench strength and succession plans.
  • “Counsel out” people who are misfit in their current roles.
  • Know what’s being said about your company, your products/services, and your competitors.
  • Know what’s happening at every level of your organization.

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